Here, enzymes from the pancreas and bile from the liver break down the fats and proteins. From here, food gets pushed, and absorption takes place. Undigested food, fiber, etc. is sent to the large intestine and colon for exit from the body. what weight loss pill actually works 4. Stress - The effect of severe trauma can cause a major reaction in the body resulting in sudden hair loss. Traumatic hair loss can be physical or mental and can make your hair fall out prematurely months after the stress is experienced at an alarming rate - up to three to four thousand hairs per day. Though very upsetting sudden traumatic hair loss is reversible. Provided there is no ongoing stress as a result of the initial trigger - the body should be able to recover and the normal hair growth cycle resumed within about 6 months to a year. milk weight loss diets Lack of Coordination best prescription diet pills weight loss Aging best fat burning pills for women 2014 weight loss Rhodiola rosea what foods to eat to lose weight Osenseis | Impulsores del Pop-Lean para “democratizar” o popularizar el uso de Lean.

Consejo Lean

“Para hacer las cosas con sentido, utiliza los 5 Sentidos Lean. Cada cosa en su lugar y un lugar para cada cosa (5S)”

Consejo de mi abuela, jeje

“Cuchillo que no corta y persona que no aporta, a la mierda que no importan”.

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Es mejor parar y solucionar un problema pequeño, que avanzar y crear uno grande…

Pelayo Benito


Todo está escrito y todo está conectado con todo.

Isabel Muñoz


¿Qué sentido tiene lo que dices o lo que haces, si nadie lo entiende?

Iñaki González


No es verdad que si no estás en las Redes Sociales no existes… Pero, si no estás ¿cómo te van a encontrar?


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